TikTokkers go viral with insanely fast drivable sofa

. 2 years ago
Motorized Sofa
TikTok: ak_stremboli

While TikTok is a gold mine for crazy, often pointless videos sometimes you find something that’s just so crazy, it’s actually clever. That’s exactly the case here, as shown by TikTok user AK_Stremboli and his mate Jack’s crazy motorized sofa.

Yes, that’s correct; A motorized sofa. Seemingly built upon a custom-made go-kart frame, the two-seater couch can be driven around whilst sat in comfort.

The off-road performance of this ‘couch-mobile’ also seems surprisingly good, being able to run around dirt roads with ease. Practicality isn’t a strong point and there are not even any cup holders, which is a shame given the soft, comforting nature of the seating.

Go-Kart power

All jokes aside, this is likely a terrifying vehicle to ride on with no seatbelts and very little in the way of safety, though if anything goes wrong the riders could just jump away to safety.

It seems that the sofa is controlled via a joystick-style arrangement linked directly to the chassis. Power comes from a 2-stroke Go Kart engine and apparently the sofa can reach a mildly terrifying 60 km/h (37mph) at full speed.

Jack has even thought about how to maintain his sofa-kart, fitting the seat on a bracket to let it hinge upwards if he needs access to the engine.

Go-Kart Sofa
TikTok: ak_stremboli
The Sofa-mobile seems to be powered by a 2-stroke Go Kart engine

The sofa is a local celebrity

Apparently the motorized sofa is a hit with the locals too, having been entered in the previous years’ campsite parade where “everyone loved it” though the same might not be said for local law enforcement having the same view should they hit the open road with this crazy invention.

AK_Stremboli and Jack have even made a follow-up video that seems to show the sofa on the open road.

Describing his friend Jack’s work, AK_Stremboli says the man is a “genius” and the sofa is a “ton of fun to rip around.” At least the journey times from the sofa to the refrigerator and back will be cut drastically if you never even have to leave the sofa.

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