Woman goes viral with $8k couch found on street, but is it real?

Shay Robson
TikToker yafavv.mandaa next to viral roche bobois blue couch

The internet is split after a TikToker claims they got an absolute steal, grabbing a couch worth $8k for free after picking it up off the street.

On May 20, TikTok user @yafavv.mandaa uploaded a video showing the process of collecting their new couch, which was dumped on a New York sidewalk.

The couch appeared to be from Roche Bobois — a French designer brand, and worth approximately $8k — and although they did their due diligence in cleaning it before putting it in their apartment, many were still concerned that it could be infested.

It’s fair to say the internet was amused by the viral video, and while many asked questions, some couldn’t help but poke fun — suggesting the couch is covered with bed bugs, roaches, and other pests, or even bodily fluids, and others questioned whether or not it was real Roche Bobois furniture.

TikToker responds after $8k couch found on street goes viral

After being roasted by the masses, the TikToker uploaded an update video on May 21, responding to concerns and criticism. One of the many questions was how long the sofa was left outside, to which they answered claiming it was on the sidewalk for less than a day before picking it up.

“It was outside for less than 24 hours,” they said. “When I saw it, it was pouring raining, the next day in the morning I went to go pick it up.”

Furthermore, they assured viewers that it was thoroughly cleaned, and left in storage for a couple of weeks before moving it into their home.

“It was brought back to my dad’s workplace, we cleaned it, and it sat in his workplace for over two weeks! Everyone’s saying bed bugs form within a week or two weeks. It was sitting there for two weeks, if there were bed bugs we would’ve seen it!”

The internet further questioned why such an expensive piece of furniture was left, with some doubting it’s an actual legitimate $8,000 sofa — noting how the material and color of the couch are not available on the Roche Bobois website.

However, the TikToker seems to be sure it is, explaining it was left outside an expensive building. “It was thrown out in front of a very rich building, so I took the opportunity and brought it in,” they said.

“Rich people throw out all their furniture all the time because they get new furniture every other year. So I saw the opportunity and took it.”

It’s undetermined whether or not it’s actually worth $8k, but the internet certainly still isn’t convinced of its value, showing examples of knock-off versions of the designer sofa.

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