TikToker takes Uber Eats driver’s car after he leaves keys in ignition at McDonald’s


A TikToker is blurring the lines between a simple prank and grand theft auto after driving an Uber Eats employee’s car after he went to pick up an order at McDonald’s.

TikTok pranks are becoming increasingly common and dangerous with influencers walking into strangers’ houses unannounced and even taking cars for spins.

The latest viral incident shows the importance of not leaving your keys in your car when running errands, as it could have turned out a lot worse for an Uber Eats driver.

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In a clip making rounds on TikTok, Leon Williams and a friend were filming inside their car when they noticed an Uber Eats driver parked beside them had forgotten to take the keys out of his ignition and decided to teach him a lesson.

Uber Eats driver pranked after leaving keys in car at McDonald’s

Leon’s friend got out of his car and stepped into the Uber Eats driver’s, deciding to mess around with the lad a little bit.

Instead of driving off with the car, however, he instead moved it to another parking spot in the McDonald’s with some stellar parking skills before getting back in his own vehicle to see the Uber employee’s reaction.

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As Leon and his friend ate their burgers and filmed inconspicuously, the driver looked around for his car, and was baffled that it had moved to the row behind where he had originally parked.

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“He’s looking around thinking ‘who the f**k’s done that,’” one of the men laughed as the video ended.

Users in the comments were more amazed by the parking job than the fact the TikToker had driven a stranger’s car without their permission.

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“Made the park look so easy,” one remarked.

“The parking was the star of this video,” said another.

Some found the video was close to crossing the line, commenting how the prank was, “brilliantly riding the line between prank and GTA.”

Since going viral, the clip has been viewed over 1.8M times and comes as New York police blame the Kia Boyz TikTok trend for a 19% annual increase in car thefts.

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