Stradman’s dog threatened as feud with WhistlinDiesel escalates

Kieran Bicknell
TheStradman dog threatened

Automotive YouTubers WhistlinDiesel and TheStradman have taken their ‘beef’ to the next level, with Stradman forced to take drastic action for his own safety.

Unfortunately, the world of YouTube isn’t all happiness and rainbows. Sometimes content creators can get into fickle disputes and start ‘beef’ with each other. While this is a pretty normal part of YouTube life, the drama between TheStradman and WhistlinDiesel appears to have escalated to a dangerous level.

WhistlinDiesel has been the subject of debate several times during 2020 due to his controversial video style. Not only that, but he has also been involved in online drama with TheStradman, often mimicking his channel and car collection.

While the last installment in this series of events was back in September, it seems that WD is not willing to let the past lie. In his October 2 video, he even imitated TheStradman’s vlogging style, in a video that was sure to generate plenty of interest with both sets of subscribers.

WhistlinDiesel imitates vlogger
While WhistlinDiesel has not been the source of the personal threats, he hasn’t outright condemned them either at the time of writing.

WhistlinDiesel mocks vloggers

Sadly, it seems that the division between both sets of fans has now gone too far. Going beyond simple sly comments and digs, TheStradman has accused WD’s fanbase of “Cyber Bullying” him via his social media accounts.

As a result of this continued harassment by WhistlinDiesel’s subscribers, Stradman has made the decision to make his Instagram private. According to Strad, WD has been “encouraging his millions of followers to cyber bully [him] for the past month.”

TheStradman receives personal threats

Things only got worse for Stradman though. According to a comment he put on Instagram, WD followers have been DM’ing him saying they “hope he runs over [his] dog with his truck.”

Obviously, these are incredibly disturbing messages, and these people have no right to be sending such hateful messages. WD did make a post on Instagram denouncing Stradman’s comments and saying that he “seems like a great person” but did not directly address the hateful comments by his subscribers.

TheStradman private instagram
TheStradman has now made his Instagram private after personal threats from WhistlinDiesel’s followers

Discussing the situation, YouTuber Life of Palos said “we [the automotive community] can be so much better than what those particular fans are representing right now. We’re not the makeup community for crying out loud, we’re the automotive and supercar community!”

With Stradman taking the steps to block out WD’s fanbase, we hope this will be the last we hear from this situation. While a little bit of drama can serve to boost the following of those involved in the short-term, once it gets to the level of personal threats, there is no place for that in any community.