Russian YouTubers shock the public with crazy transparent car

Kieran Bicknell
YouTuber Garage54 stands next to his transparent car creation.

YouTubers Garage54 are well-known for their whacky builds, but this might be one of their best yet. Judging by the public reaction to the car, we’d certainly say so.

From building wheels out of tools to running cars on lighter fluid, the team at Garage54 are well-versed in building unusual creations. Hailing from Russia, the team posts on both their Russian channel and their over-dubbed English channel.

In this instance, they have transformed an old Soviet-era Lada sedan into a crazy, fully-transparent car.

To achieve this, the team cut out the body panels of their old ‘ultra light weight’ lada car which resembles a giant sponge. By the end of the process, all that was left was the metal ‘skeleton’ of the Lada.

Garage 54 stands next to a vehicle with a terrible yellow and black paintjob.
One Russian YouTuber transformed this garish vehicle into a sleek and unique transparent ride.

Next, the car was resprayed from yellow to white, and the panels replaced with what appears to be some form of plastic sheeting. This was riveted onto the frame of the car, then ‘stretched’ using heat to form taught panels.

Once complete, Garage 54’s host Vlad casually says “to make it drive, we need an engine. So we’ll put one in.” Long-time viewers of the channel are familiar with their typically laid-back attitude, making light work of even big tasks such as this.

Having re-installed the engine, interior and other parts to make the car somewhat road-legal, Vlad then takes it out for a drive. Given how crazy some of their projects are, this car must’ve drawn the most attention they’ve ever received.

“This autumn weather is a bit of a downer… lets drive out on the road [and] hopefully cheer some people up” he says, climbing into the car for the first time. Out on the road, Vlad says it’s like “driving an aquarium!”

Driving past strangers on the streets, people literally stopped in their tracks to stare at the car.

Reactions were mixed, with older generations in particular looking completely perplexed at Vlad’s strange creation. Thumbs up from strangers and phone photos were also a common theme, as many people were shocked by the strange creation.

Strangers stand around Garage54's unique creation.
The YouTuber’s unique ride caught the attention of passersby.

“The car’s appearance is pretty unusual, it’s quite cool. I’m getting looks from both youngsters and older folk” he says driving down the street. Pulled up at a set of lights, a stranger says the car is “sick” while admiring the work.

With heads turning everywhere he drives, Vlad and the Garage54 team have truly created a one-of-a-kind car with this insane Lada.