How to enter David Dobrik’s free Tesla contest for US voters

Dobrik teslas for votingDavid Dobrik/Twitter

YouTube star David Dobrik is offering 5 new Tesla vehicles to U.S. citizens that are registered to vote, and signing up couldn’t be any easier.

Those of us in the United States have once come up on election day, that magical time where, every four years, we cast our vote for the next commander in chief.

As per usual there are plenty of campaigns and strategies out there to encourage people to vote, but the most effective so far just might be from YouTuber David Dobrik.

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Dobrik is famous for his crazy giveaways and contests, and now he’s giving out 5 brand new Teslas to people who check to make sure they’re registered to vote in November.

Dobrik is partnering with for the promotion, and, funnily enough, you don’t actually have to be registered to vote in the coming election to enter the drawing.

All you have to do is check whether or not you’re registered using the special Dobrik-branded page on the site before the promotion ends on October 10. If you want to sign up to vote after checking that’s all well and good, but again, you don’t have to do so to enter the drawing for one of the Teslas.

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Winners of the contest will be chosen at random from among those who enter their information into the website. Obviously, you have to be 18 years or older and a U.S. resident to enter (the same goes for voting as well, sorry Canadian friends).

Want a free Tesla? All you have to do is check to see if you’re registered to vote.

Funnily enough, Dobrik himself isn’t a U.S. citizen. Despite the fact that the 23-year-old vlogger has lived in the States since he was 6-years-old after moving from Slovakia where he was born, he himself isn’t eligible to vote in the upcoming election.

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Still, he is one of the biggest internet personalities on the web today, and there’s no better way to encourage people to fulfill their civic duty than offering them free stuff. The fact that it’s a Tesla is just the icing on the cake.

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