Most annoying car mod prank revealed and anybody can do it

Kieran Bicknell
Rubber Chicken Car Prank

Sometimes simple pranks are the best, and this crazy car prank is testament to that. Best of all, it’s incredibly cheap and easy, so anyone is able to do it. 

Remember the rubber chicken memes from 2019? Well, it seems that those pesky rubber animal toys are back for 2020, starring in this hilarious Tweet from Klara_SJO.

While the prank of sticking items up car tailpipes is as old as the automobile itself, this prank seamlessly blends 21st-century meme culture and age-old tricks together into one annoyingly loud practical joke.

Rubber chicken singing cover
The rubber chicken memes really took off in 2019, resulting in a wave of ‘rubber chicken’ versions of songs.

Hilarious rubber chicken car prank

In the video below, the prankster can be seen inserting three of the infamous rubber chicken toys into the exhaust pipe of a truck. It appears that they have been modified for the prank, being tied together on the end of a central air pipe.

When the truck is started, the haunting screams of the rubber chickens ring out around the local area. While loud enough on idle, once the truck starts driving the noise really begins to amplify.

Under full throttle, the screaming noise from the chickens is enough to drive anyone insane. Despite the ridiculous noise, it would be hard not to see the funny side of this.

“Imagine hearing that driving down your street at 3am” said Klara on the video. As the truck pulls away the noise echoes around the docklands with a surprisingly loud projection.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that this prank could be carried out on a public road, or for an extended period of time. While the exhaust gas does escape from the ‘chickens’ it would eventually build up too much pressure in the system, potentially causing the truck’s engine to backfire.

Not only are there mechanical issues, but there is a strong likelihood someone would call the police or report you. That being said, this simple prank would be a great way to get back at your annoying neighbors, but maybe warn others in the vicinity first!