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Lamborghini owner turns $230k Huracan into a mooing cow with bizarre mod

Published: 12/Aug/2020 10:57

by Kieran Bicknell


Taste is a subjective thing, but surely turning your Lamborghini into a cow crosses the line? Evidently a big lover of bovine creatures, this Lamborghini owner has completely transformed their supercar, giving it a unique identity in the process.

Meet the ‘Cowborghini’ – A Lamborghini Huracan Spyder with a not-so-subtle twist. Converted by their owner into this bovine-themed ‘artwork’ on wheels, this is one Huracan that certainly stands out in a crowd.

Not content with having just wrapped the car in black spots designed to resemble a Friesian cow, the owner has also gone as far as creating vinyl ‘eyes’ for the Huracan to sit over the headlights, along with ‘eyelashes’ that resemble those of the Lamborghini Miura in a subtle ‘nod’ to the car’s ancestry.


There’s a Huracan Spyder in there somewhere…

There’s no denying that the owners’ eye for detail is impressive, regardless of whether the overall execution of the concept is to your taste or not. This unfortunate Huracan Spyder has been completely stripped of its identity, with replacement custom ‘Cowborghini’ badges and emblems adorning the bodywork in place of its original Lamborghini crests.

The Cowborghini is an audible art piece too – it has been fitted with a cow ‘moo’ emitter. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether this is an adaptive exhaust modification, or simply a push-button horn in place of the stock car horn; Whichever it is, it certainly draws plenty of attention from onlookers.


Evidently the driver of the car is proud of his creation, as he is seen happily inviting further attention from passers-by as he drives off from his parking space, roof down and Cowborghini in full ‘moo’ mode.

Public reaction

As expected, this unusual creation – posted by Helen Wakerley on Twitter – has attracted both admiring comments and criticism, ranging from cow-based pun suggestions such as it being a “moo-acan” (rather than Huracan) to simple criticism, calling the mobile artwork “vandalism at its best.”

Having received some attention on social media and then posted to Reddit (and since removed) the Cowborghini has certainly caused a stampede of comments; Let’s just hope the owner doesn’t milk the attention too much.