Zombies YouTubers invited to Treyarch for a BO4 preview

YouTubers who specialize in Call of Duty Zombies have been invited to Treyarch to get a sneak peek of the mode in Black Ops 4, according to  Life of Tom AKA Syndicate.

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“I will spoil it, I was indeed going out to see Treyarch,” he said. “I was supposed to be hanging out with all the Call of Duty Zombies guys. We were going to be playing the game early, all this sort of stuff.”

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So even though a passport issue has prevented Syndicate from going, other YouTubers will be at the event and Zombies fans can expect an influx of content soon.

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Going to get a sneak preview of a game sounds like a blast but Syndicate says there are downsides to it as well.

“When you [view a game] early, you don’t have the live reaction of doing it on Twitch,” he said.

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He makes a good point, there is something to be said for experiencing a game for the first time along with the audience. 

But he may also just be looking for a silver lining in his passport issue.

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He could have recorded the gameplay at the Treyarch studios but said he wouldn’t feel like himself and that it would be a tougher environment to record a video in.

Black Ops 4 comes out on October 12th and this is just one of the ways Treyarch will be building up hype for the game as the release approaches.

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