YouTubers and streamers react to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare trailer

The official teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is now live, and some of the biggest streamers and YouTube personalities in the world have shared their thoughts on the game.

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Activision and Infinity Ward officially revealed Modern Warfare on May 31 with an action-packed teaser which set social media abuzz with anticipation.

Also announced was the news that for the first time ever, Call of Duty will be moving to a cross-platform system, while information about the campaign, multiplayer and release date were also unveiled.

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Unsurprisingly, major gaming personalities had a lot to say about the teaser, with many sharing their excitement at the prospect of a new entry in the Modern Warfare franchise.

Infinity Ward / ActivisionCall of Duty fans are already excited about the next installment in the Modern Warfare franchise.[ad name=”article2″]

100 Thieves member Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop shared his hope that Modern Warfare will reach the high expectations that fans have for the game, and reminisced about the fond memories he has of one of the franchise’s other titles.

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“Some of my best memories in gaming took place on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,” wrote CouRage on Twitter. “Really hoping Call of Duty: Modern Warfare lives up to the hype! It looks dope.”

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OpTic Gaming star Seth ‘Scump’ Abner was less excited, glumly stating that all he hoped was that it “doesn’t turn out like the past 3 titles,” referencing Infinite War, World War II and Black Ops 4 games which he clearly isn’t a huge fan of.

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YouTube’s Global Head of Gaming Ryan ‘Fwiz” Wyatt’s enthusiasm wasn’t going to be hampered by Scump though, telling the pro Call of Duty player that they were heading “BACK TO THE GLORY DAYS!”

Brad ‘Drift0r’ Overbey, who played the game at Infinity Ward’s studios, stated that the game “is very high quality,” and wrote that it’s the “best looking and playing Infinity Ward game since Modern Warfare 2.”

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Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassell echoed his sentiments, writing that he had played it, and it felt “awesome.”

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A number of streamers who aren’t strongly associated with Call of Duty also gave their takes on the trailer. Fortnite Battle Royale player Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani voiced his opinion that Modern Warfare could be a major game for the franchise.

“Am I the only one getting a feeling that Modern Warfare might be CoD’s first attempt at making a long lasting shooter similar to Overwatch?” wrote the TSM member. “Running away from main storyline, cross platform compatibility, I mean shit just seems to be lining up for something bigger than a regular CoD release.”

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Ben ‘DrLupo’ Lupo and Tim ‘Timthetatman’ Betar both shared their first thoughts on the trailer, with DrLupo saying that Call of Duty were making “big moves,” while Timthetatman simply stated: “This looks lit.”

Finally, FaZe Clan member and former professional CoD player Doug ‘Censor’ Martin made it clear he would be purchasing the game, writing: “Use me as a ‘shut up and take my money’ button.”

While excitement is already high for the game, Call of Duty fans will have to wait until October 25 to get their hands on the next installment of the legendary Modern Warfare franchise.

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