Will Modern Warfare 2 get Shoot House?

Shoot House from MW with MW2 logoInfinity Ward

Modern Warfare 2019’s Shoot House quickly became a fan favorite multiplayer map and fans now have confirmation that it will drop with Modern Warfare 2 Season One. 

Solid multiplayer maps are integral to a successful and popular Call of Duty title. Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer maps are a hot topic of discussion, with the devs previously promising classic CoD maps but none being present at launch.

One multiplayer environment introduced back in Modern Warfare 2019 was Shoot House, which quickly became a fan favorite map because of its fast-pace, organized chaos and crisp design. 

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As a result, plenty of Modern Warfare fans are wondering whether Shoot House will come to Modern Warfare 2, especially given its expected two-year life-cycle. 

Will Shoot House be in Modern Warfare 2? 

Yes – Shoot House has been confirmed as coming with Modern Warfare 2 Season One.

It had been rumored to be one of the two fan favorite maps returning, a rumor that has proved true with Activision’s confirmation of Season One content.

When will Shoot House be in Modern Warfare 2?

As previously mentioned, Shoot House will drop with Season One, which begins on November 16. Unlike Shipment, which has been confirmed as the in-season map, Shoot House will be coming with Season One’s inception.

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Eagle eyed fans spotted certain similarities in launch maps that appeared to hint at Shoot House. For example, on Farm 18, there is a near identical helicopter near the main building at its center.

Farm 18’s helicopter could point at Shoot House.

Whether they were Infinity Ward easter eggs pointing at its future inclusion we do not know, but they certainly seemed too reminiscent of Shoot House to be a coincidence.

Now its implementation has been confirmed, fans can look forward to Shoot House 24/7, as became a fairly common playlist in MW2019.

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We’ll also likely get a Shoot the Ship playlist when Shipment drops in the middle of Season One.

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