Will Modern Warfare 2 get Shipment?

Shipment from MW2019 with MWII logoActivision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has promised players a number of classic CoD maps throughout the year and it’s now been confirmed that Shipment will come with MW2 Season One.

Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer maps have provoked a lot of discussion in the CoD community. Well-designed and replayable in-game environments typically make or break a good Call of Duty and MW2 is no exception. 

Infinity Ward have already promised fans the return of a number of the series’ classic maps but, at launch, none were present. 

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One fan favorite that was developed by Infinity Ward is Shipment, which first debuted in 2007’s original Modern Warfare. 

It has returned in a number of CoD titles, including Modern Warfare 2019. As a result, plenty of fans are wondering whether Shipment will come to MW2. 

Will Shipment be in Modern Warfare 2? 

Yes – Shipment will come with Modern Warfare 2’s first season. However, it is set to drop halfway through the season, rather than with its inception on November 16.

The official confirmation proves 2021 leaks true, when a leaker claimed that Shipment would be among the CoD classics remastered for the 2022 title. 

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Infinity Ward - Modern WarfareInfinity Ward
Shipment has always been popular with CoD fans.

When will Shipment be in Modern Warfare 2? 

As previously mentioned, Shipment will drop with Modern Warfare 2 Season 1. We’re not certain when it will be exactly, but previous seasons dropped in-season maps and content with the Reloaded updates.

Assuming MW2 follows the same pattern and seasons last a couple of months, we will see Shipment drop around mid-December, roughly a week or two before Christmas.

Presumably, Shipment will join the regular rotation of maps. However, fans will be hoping for a Shipment 24/7 playlist to garner ludicrous amounts of XP and rank up their weapons.

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We could also see a Shoot the Ship playlist, with MW2019’s Shoot House confirmed as the second “fan favorite” map dropping with Season 1.

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