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When is League Play coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4? Everything we know so far

Published: 4/Jan/2019 17:23 Updated: 29/Jan/2019 20:08

by Ross Deason


On January 8, Treyarch finally shared a much-anticipated update on League Play in Black Ops 4, stating that it would be released at the end of January. However, with February on the horizon, there has still been no official word on an exact release date for League Play.

The latest installment in the Call of Duty: Black Ops series was released in October of 2018 and the developers at Treyarch made it clear, even before release day, that fans could expect League Play to be added at some point.

While fans had grown restless over the lack of updates on the important game mode, Treyarch’s January 8 update no doubt helped ease of the lot of their fears and gives players something to look forward to. 

Black Ops 4 was released on October 12.

What is League Play?

Introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, League Play was a competitive matchmaking system that allowed players to compete against other people of a similar skill level around the world.

Players would compete using the same rules, maps and modes that were being used in professional matches and could be ranked anywhere from Iron to Master division.

League Play has returned in different forms, and under a number of different names, in various other Call of Duty titles since Black Ops 2, but the original is still fondly looked upon as the best by many players.

Black Ops 2’s Raid map was a common feature in League Play.

When will League Play go live?

While many expected League Play to go live around the time of CWL Vegas back in December, Treyarch said that they have been “taking the time required” to make sure that League Play releases in the best state possible.

Treyarch stated back on January 8 that they intended to release League Play by the end of the month, but due to the company’s continued work on the mode, the date was subject to chance. Since then, Treyarch have been extremely secretive about the release of the competitive playlist, and with Tuesday, January 29’s v1.12 update the last one scheduled for January, it seemed unlikely that the development team will be able to live up to their initial timeframe.

This was confirmed when Treyarch released a detailed explanation on League Play on January 29 that pushed the launch out to “mid-February.” 

With the CWL Pro League looming, fans are becoming restless in their wait for League Play.

How will League Play work in Black Ops 4?

After receiving much criticism following the initial explanation of League Play, Treyarch made a couple of changes to how things will work that put Black Ops 4 League Play in line with previous entries. 

Most notably, League Play will be available all week instead of during a shortened, three-day period as originally stated. 

Moreover, new ladder features and rewards have been announced by Treyarch, as well. 

While not available at release, Teams and Clans are features that will be added at some point down the line. 

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Dr Disrespect rants to himself for 10 mins after accidentally muting mic

Published: 31/Oct/2020 19:07

by Bill Cooney


Streaming superstar Dr Disrespect accidentally muted his microphone just as he began a legendary-looking rant about Call of Duty: Warzone, and may inadvertently have created a new trend in streaming at the same time.

Doc is undoubtedly one of the biggest personalities out there on the internet, but like anyone else, he can still fall victim to the treacherous mindset of getting tilted. 

Like all professionals, he usually does a good job of keeping the speed, violence, and momentum directed at opponents. But during a recent stream, he experienced one Warzone death due to flashbangs too many and took it out on his desk instead.

With a slam that would make fellow streaming star, xQc, proud, the Two-Time let his desk have it just as he was entering into what seemed like quite the heated exposition on the role of flashes grenades in Warzone.

The only problem was that his smack muted the microphone and he didn’t realize it, leading to what may have been the best mime impression on Twitch for the next 10-plus minutes.

It genuinely seems like the 2019 Streamer of the Year had no idea he was basically just talking to himself, as you can even see him going into bits and continuing to rant before he unmutes. It seemed to work out fine though, as he made a pretty penny in donations from viewers telling him they couldn’t hear.

Dr Disrespect mic muted slam
Dr Disrespect
Was it really a mistake, or a bold new strategy in streaming?

“Well, that’s what happens when you slam sh*t around, you know?” Doc reflected. “I think I got like, $100 bucks from people telling me I’m muted. Hey Alex, next time mute me for like two hours, yeah.”

If Dr Disrespect hasn’t chosen a Halloween costume for this year, maybe going trick-or-treating as a mime might be his best option at this point.

Speaking of Halloween, the good doctor’s annual Doctober costume contest is nearing its conclusion as hundreds of fans have submitted their best cosplays, hoping for a chance to be selected among the best. The winners are due to be announced in the upcoming few days, but you can check out some of the best costume submissions so far here.