Warzone’s Supply Choppers could instantly wipe out your entire squad

Brad Norton
Warzone Supply Choppers in-game

[jwplayer m8miFj2M]Warzone’s Supply Choppers have been absolutely destroying teams across Warzone lately, as the newly-added Season 4 random event seems to be starting in a pretty strange location.

Supply Choppers are supposed to give teams an upper hand in Warzone by dropping off a huge pool of loot. That hasn’t quite been the case recently, however, as the random event has been outright deleting teams from the match.

While they can be shot down from the skies and their high-tier items can be scavenged, these vehicles are deadly. They don’t come with weapons attached and players aren’t allowed to take over and pilot them, but Supply Choppers can still wipe out your squad.

The random event begins with choppers spawning under the map. If you happen to be near the spawn point when this event begins, you may as well accept defeat.


With only 37 enemies remaining in their July 12 match, Reddit user ‘LostLobsters’ could have been close to a big win. Both players in the duo were fairly well kitted out and a Bounty target was in close proximity. Before they could venture around the Dam and find their lucrative opponent, Supply Choppers spawned in.

They ascended from underneath the map itself, phasing through the floor and any surrounding textures. In a split moment, this team was knocked, instantly killed, and sent straight back to the main menu.

The Supply Chopper event is just one of three unique game-changers across Warzone. It can be a great way to improve your loadout, but it can also be a real burden. There’s no telling exactly when the helicopters might spawn in. While the ‘middle of the match’ is the intended window, they could easily appear early into the game or later than you’d expect.

This makes it near impossible to predict when the Supply Choppers will float through the map and potentially kill your team. It’s been an issue for quite some time and Infinity Ward even issued a fix in the June 29 patch. Unfortunately, it seems as though this hasn’t quite put a stop to the devastating problem.

Warzone Dam location in-game
Supply Choppers spawned near the Dam in this instance, though they can appear from a few different locations depending on the zone.

Supply Choppers went unchanged with the last major set of bug fixes and the June 29 patch also introduced an assortment of new glitches as well. Some weapons have been hit by bizarre texture glitches and players have been able to drop into Warzone with their ideal weapons.

It’s safe to say that the latest patch didn’t quite leave Verdansk in the best state. Be extremely careful until the next update arrives; you never know when a swarm of helicopters might just ruin your day.

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