Warzone’s Stim Super Slide is the Pacific’s newest “OP” movement mechanic

call of duty warzone pacific slide movement mechanicActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone players are embracing a slick new movement mechanic. After the dawn of the slide cancel, CoD’s fans discovered that the buffed Stim Shots allow you to pull off a “Super Slide.”

With Modern Warfare 2019, CoD fully entered the slide-cancel era. More than ever before, mastering your sprints and slides is key to twisted mobility in Call of Duty.

Although the mechanics shifted somewhat during Black Ops Cold War (remember the notorious “L-Stick Slide?”), they’ve remained principally the same in Vanguard and exactly the same in Warzone… until now.

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With the Pacific, Caldera update, the developers buffed Stim Shots so that they add a speed boost (much like a Dead Silence). It turns out that can also be used to pull off a Stim “Super Slide,” to the terror of enemies.

How to do Warzone’s Stim Super Slide

As shown by Warzone pro, zSmit, the Super Slide has intriguing potential. In his clip, he’s able to use it to pick up an MP-40 silently and quickly – and it’s very easy to pull off:

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  1. Pop your Stim Shot
  2. Slide forward

Without needing to do anything crazy, the speed-boosted Stim allows you to turn your slide into a longer, faster version.

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And, while that’s not game-breaking by any means, it gives demons another prong on their trident of mobility weaponry.

Warzone players shocked by Stim Super Slide

(For mobile users, segment begins at 3:55)

Fellow Warzone streamer, FaZe Swagg, was watching some popular clips when the Super Slide made its appearance. Seeing an enemy use it most certainly puts into perspective just how wild it can be.

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Swagg watched Merk, who was watching TeeP as the streamer encountered a super slider. While TeeP won the gunfight, it still amazed Merk, who called it “the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.”

And Swagg shared in that awed sentiment, saying the Stim is “OP” but “really fun.”