Twitch streamer raids random Warzone player, turns out to be her neighbor

Dylan Horetski
Trash_ashx raids a streamer, turns out they're her neigbor
Twitch: Trash_ashx

When Twitch streamer ‘trash_ashx’ finished her stream, she wanted to raid another Australian streamer. After choosing someone, she was surprised by how close they lived together. 

If you’ve ever watched a Twitch stream near the end, you may have participated in a raid, where the creator chooses to send their viewers over to another streamer. Big streamers generally raid their friends, or they decide to share the love with a smaller creator.

Twitch raids can also be used as a way for smaller creators to make friends, and get their names out to other communities.

With just 578 followers on the Amazon-owned site, ‘Trash_Ashx‘ did just that, choosing to narrow the selection down to other Australian creators. Shortly after talking to her new friend, she found out she happened to live right down the street.

Twitch and gaming go hand in hand in 2022.

Twitch Streamer raids her neighbor

Just minutes after she ended her January 2 stream, Trash_Ashx posted a video on TikTok explaining what had just happened.

She said: “Guys, I can’t make this s**t up. I just finished my stream. I’ve gone to raid another Aussie streamer. I find her, SeeTeaa, and raid her. We start talking and she ends up asking where I’m from. So we start describing to each other and it got to the point where we find out we live on the same street.”

The creator didn’t stop there, as she continued to detail their interaction: “So, I ran to her house. Unfortunately, SeeTeaa is sick so I couldn’t be in her broadcast, but I did get to see her through the window.”

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With over 129,000 views on her video, many people took to the comments asking to see a recording of the interaction.

On January 3, Ash uploaded the conversation in another TikTok video.

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In the second video, Ash notes that they are now friends and plan on meeting each other in person soon after SeeTeaa gets over her illness.

One thing is for sure, this is an interaction both streamers will remember for a very long time. Hopefully, they get to meet up soon.