When is Krampus leaving Warzone & Vanguard? Festive Fervor end date

Krampus Warzone eventTreyarch/Activision

Krampus has been terrorizing players in both Warzone & Vanguard throughout the Festive Fervor event, so when is the folklore creature leaving?

Warzone & Vanguard’s Festive Fervor has provided players with a range of Christmas-themed cosmetics and content over the holiday season, but the arrival of Krampus hasn’t exactly been a popular addition.

The creature had already been nerfed just four days after the beginning of the event after backlash from the community, with Raven reducing Krampus’ health in all modes.

Although that certainly made it easier to kill, a lot of players just want to be rid of the monster once and for all.

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So, when does the Festive Fervor event end, and does that mean Krampus is going to be removed?

Festive Fervor Vanguard WarzoneActivision
A lot of players have not enjoyed encountering Krampus over the holiday season.

When is Krampus being removed from Warzone & Vanguard?

Warzone and Vanguard’s Festive Fervor event is set to end on January 5, 2022, which means Krampus will also be leaving on this date as well.

It’s worth noting that all of the limited-time festive additions will be removed at the end of the event, including Holiday Trees and Shipmas.

While the Christmas event has been received positively by the community as a whole, it’s unlikely Krampus will be remembered fondly.

Krampus Warzone removedTreyarch/Activision
The Festive Fervor event ends on January 5.

A lot of players were hoping that Krampus would be removed from Warzone & Vanguard before the end of the event, but as the monster is tied to multiple challenges, that would never have been an option.

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The question is, will the Call of Duty community ever see Krampus again? That’s hard to say, it all depends on what the devs have in store for the next Christmas event.