Warzone’s Cooper Carbine can go invisible thanks to Jackal God blueprint bug

Cooper Carbine from Vanguard in WarzoneActivision

Warzone’s Cooper Carbine is a multipurpose Assault Rifle that has already seen a dominant run in the Pacific era of the game. Now, there’s a blueprint that turns most of the gun invisible, and players are absolutely popping off while using it.

The Cooper Carbine has managed to stay at the head of the pack for much of the Vanguard era of Warzone. The close-range AR provides a blazing fast fire rate, ridiculously low recoil, and a hipfire spread that rivals most SMGs in the game as well.

There aren’t many ways that the developers could have made the weapon better, but turning it invisible and making it harder for other players to spot anyone carrying it is a plot twist that no one saw coming.

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Invisible Cooper Carbine blueprint in Warzone

The invisibility glitch happens thanks to an attachment in the Jackal God blueprint bundle. Applying the barrel of this variant to a non-blueprint version of the Cooper turns most of the middle section of the gun invisible to everyone, making it almost impossible to see.

Several creators have showcased how strong this gun is with names like Tekk and FaZe Booya putting on absolute clinics with it on Rebirth Island.

TikTok also has clips of people shredding on Caldera with it, and while it’s impossible to know precisely how much the invisibility is helping, looking at someone carrying the gun makes it obvious that they’re harder to see, especially if they’re on a head glitch or poking out of a window to aim at you.

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Of course, this isn’t something that will be in the game forever. The devs are likely already aware of the issue, so buying this one to explicitly take advantage of this bug might be an unwise investment unless you love the blueprint itself.