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Warzone’s anti-cheat hero: TimTheTatMan gets another hacker banned mid-game

Published: 7/Jun/2021 23:38

by Theo Salaun


There are many complaints about the (lack of) anti-cheat in Warzone, but the community has a hero to help drive out the darkness. Twitch streamer TimTheTatMan has gotten yet another hacker banned mid-game.

It’s a familiar feeling for many gamers. Somebody kills you in a suspicious manner and you proceed to spectate them and find out that they are indeed cheating. You boot up the report menu, report them for hacking, and eventually that pain becomes embedded deep down as no repercussions are ever handed out.

So, imagine the instant satisfaction and outright joy that a Warzone lobby experienced when streamer extraordinaire, TimTheTatMan, got a cheater banned mid-game. No months of accepting the pain, just instant consequences — a magical experience.


For Tim, he was delighted from the grave as he spectated the hacker get banished. And it turns out the lobby he saved was grateful as well, as the streamer received a bounty of applause during the post-game victory screen.

In the clip, which has become widely shared across social media, Tim was spectating a hacker and just praying on his downfall. 

When the hacker finally vanishes, the streamer lets out a guttural roar: “Let’s go! Built different! … That’s what happens when you cheat in our solo spectating games. Get out of here. Today justice was served!”

And, when it came to the post-match screen with open comms, it turned out that people were very happy with Tim’s act of service.


The first line of appreciation as soon as comm opened up: “Yo Tim, you’re the f**king best man!” And, of course, it was followed by cheers and hype.

It remains unclear why exactly this hacker got banned mid-game. One working theory is that Tim’s team spoke with the developers to get him kicked out, since big streamers typically have strong connections. 

If that’s true, then Tim is a fantastic anti-cheat — especially since he’s been a part of similar success stories in the past.