CouRage gets Warzone hacker banned live on TimTheTatman’s stream

timthetatman courage warzoneCouRage / TimTheTatMan YouTube / Activision

Bigtime Warzone streamers CouRage and Timthetatman were ecstatic after Activision actually banned a hacker live on stream mere hours after begging the devs for help.

Call of Duty’s battle royale has had a problem with persistent hackers and people trying to crack the game’s code. The situation has developed to where cheaters have accessed everything from wall hacks, aim cheats, and even advanced forms of exploits that completely destroy anyone else’s chance of winning in Warzone.

YouTube star CouRage has had to contend with these cheaters a lot. He queues up with fellow streaming giants like NICKMERCS, TimTheTatman, and Cloakzy, who all typically attract hackers on their own.

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This flared up when the quartet was streaming Warzone on May 13, to the point where the 100 Thieves co-owner had to tweet at Activision and Warzone devs Raven Software pleading them to take some sort of action.

“Hey Activision and RavenSoftware, I think it would be extremely beneficial to have someone watch our live-streams and ban blatant cheaters on the spot,” he wrote.

“Currently, there are two cheaters joining our lobbies and ruining our Warzone experience with about 150,000 live viewers watching.”

A couple of hours later, it seems that Activision had indeed heard CouRage’s calls for help; while he and TimTheTatman were spectating someone in-game who was clearly hacking, the player was suddenly removed from the game, prompting the streamers to celebrate.

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Tim later confirmed through his assistant that this indeed was a case of a cheater getting banned, not just them leaving the game or turning off their system.

While those players usually get away, CouRage and Tim were stunned when the cheater they were spectating was booted from the match. Everybody in the lobby was instantly hyped, seeing that the Warzone servers lost one more hacker on the day.

As frequently happens in cases like this, the whole situation spawned a separate side-conversation about whether or not streamers and high-profile Warzone players deserve to have this sort of special treatment, which includes having access to the devs that regular, everyday players don’t.

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Regardless of which side of that debate you stand on, most people would agree that hackers getting removed from Warzone is something that benefits the entire community and player-base, so it really is a win all-around.