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Warzone underground glitch is back as players are getting under the map again

Published: 11/Apr/2021 1:08 Updated: 11/Apr/2021 1:11

by Theo Salaun


The infamous Call of Duty: Warzone map clipping exploit on Rebirth Island seems to have returned, with players abusing an exploit to get underneath the map and secure unfair kills.

Rebirth Island, Warzone’s revamped version of Blackout’s Alcatraz, has been littered with map clipping exploits for months — infuriating players as they get killed by wall-breaching cheaters. Now, within two weeks of Raven Software allegedly fixing the latest glitch in the Season 2 Reloaded update, the issue seems to be back and as annoying as ever.

The problematic bug allows players to sneak underneath the map near the Chemical Engineering POI, at which point they can maneuver around, loot and shoot people without being at risk themselves. 


As shared on Reddit, this exploit is back like it never left. In a clip posted on April 10, weeks after the glitch was supposed to be fixed, the player gets killed from an invisible source. Seconds later, they see the kill cam and realize it came from underneath the map.

oh look another glitch in Warzone (FAJ) from CODWarzone

As ‘MrMakaveli’ shares to Reddit, they were in the midst of a serious fight at Decon Zone, having just killed an enemy and started reviving their teammate when, out of nowhere, they got beamed to death.

When the camera swaps to spectate their assailant, you can see the shooter was underneath the map — seemingly part of the ground between Chem Eng and Decon.


While impossible to verify with 100% certainty that this is the same map clipping exploit as the earlier one, it feels remarkably sure. The original wall-breach happened most regularly at the corner of Chem Eng that is closest to both Bioweapon Labs, very close to where this cheater was caught.

chemical engineering warzone rebirth island
Chem Eng is going to need some major “Beware” signs soon.

For now, all Warzone players can do is try to avoid the exploitable area at the northeastern corner of Rebirth Island.

As of yet, Raven Software’s Trello board has yet to be updated with any recognition of the glitch’s return.

It remains unclear how the Season 2 Reloaded fix for this bug was circumvented, but fans of the game are certainly hopeful that the issue is noticed and resolved once again — ideally in a permanent way this time around.