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JGOD shows off secret RPD buff making it viable in Warzone

Published: 25/Oct/2021 12:38

by Connor Bennett


Warzone YouTuber JGOD has highlighted a secret change to the RPD that makes it a slightly more viable option in the battle royale, but can it actually crack the meta?

Since Warzone first launched, Raven Software have dropped a whole host of updates onto the battle royale, adjusting weapon balancing and other tweaks every so often.

The majority of these changes are announced by the developers, giving players a breakdown of what exactly they’re changing. However, there are sometimes changes that go under the radar.

As a result of the devs not announcing every change, players are left to find if something has actually changed, with stats gurus like JGOD and TrueGameData leading the charge on giving fans the real insight into what weapons are actually worth using.


How to unlock RPD in Warzone
Some players have picked up the RPD in Warzone, but it’s not incredibly meta.

In his October 24 video, JGOD noted that he’d received a tip about a secret change to the RPD’s recoil that some fans believe could help vault the LMG into the meta.

As the YouTuber noted, the weapon’s recoil now has more verticality and no longer stops moving after 20 or so shots like the MP5. This, as JGOD touches on, makes it a bit better to use as you only have to pull down ever so slightly to keep the recoil under control.

There hasn’t been any sort of damage increase to the weapon, and its time to kill (TTK) is still pretty lofty compared to its rivals, the MG82 and even the FiNN. JGOD believes it’s still just outside of the meta, but “lower-skill” players might want to try the RPD as the recoil makes it “easier to use” compared to some other weapons.


In terms of the RPD breaking its way into the meta, JGOD adds that it would likely need an increase to its rate of fire, but that is unlikely to happen as that’s one stat the devs rarely change.

Though, if you want to get experimental in Warzone and mix up your loadouts, there is no harm in giving the RPD a try.