Random Warzone loadout generator creates the perfect off-meta picks

warzone player holding gunActivision

If you’re looking to go off-meta for the final weeks of Warzone, before Warzone 2 releases, this random loadout generator is the perfect tool to help you pick random guns that you might not have used before.

For the most part, Warzone players have always looked to follow the meta, picking guns that are the most powerful and most optimized to help them rack up as many kills as possible.

This has meant that a variety of weapons from across Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold war, and Vanguard have all been absolute must-haves throughout the game’s life-cycle.

Now, though, with Warzone entering its final weeks before the launch of the sequel battle royale title in November, it’s time to try out all the guns you haven’t used before, and this random loadout generator could be the best tool to use.

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Created by Warzone Loadout, the random class generator provides a number of different options for players to choose from.

Whether you want a simple hybrid long-range and close-range class, a sniper with solid support, or something completely different, this tool will provide the goods.

All you have to do is visit the website, linked above, and let it do its thing! If you don’t love the options provided, you can even refresh the set to get something different.

random warzone loadout generatorWarzone Loadout
This random class generator will help you find some seriously off-meta picks.

With a whole bank of weapons available throughout Warzone, it can be hard to pick if you’re looking to go off-meta, so Warzone Loadout will definitely make things easier — and it might even suggest some guns you forgot existed!

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Be sure to try it out before the big switch to Warzone 2, because while a leak has suggested that loadouts might be returning for the sequel, it might be completely different.