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Warzone quiz: How well do you know the Call of Duty battle royale?

Published: 18/Dec/2020 22:42

by Jacob Hale


Call of Duty Warzone Season 1 is finally here and as we all dive into Verdansk and Rebirth Island to fight over wins, there’s another challenge to complete – our ultimate Warzone quiz.

General knowledge of Activision’s battle royale will only get you so far here, with tricky questions about map locations, current or former seasons, and we’ve even thrown a few spanners in the works too.

The new Call of Duty battle royale has undergone some major changes since it first launched, probably far more than most casual players are even aware of. From Season 1 of Modern Warfare’s accompanying version to Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War’s integration, the content has been unrelenting.

There have been several changes to the map, weapon pool, Buy Station costs, and many more throughout the duration of the game’s lifecycle — but how well have you been keeping up? This quiz will test your knowledge on all areas of the game, from the Season 1 content refresh to world records. So, getting full marks may be tricky. At the very least, it should test your brain as much as slide-canceling tests your thumbs.

Take this quiz to find out whether you’re a true Warzone aficionado or a complete hindrance to your teammates in Verdansk.

So, how did you get on? Know as much about Warzone as you thought you do, or have you realized you might need to brush up on the history of the game a little bit more?

There are definitely some questions that will challenge you, and possibly one or two that will have caught you out, but anyone that’s been around for a while should at least be getting 10 on this.

Make sure to check out our other Warzone articles so you don’t miss anything — that way, you’ll be almost guaranteed full marks next time a Warzone quiz rolls around, and you can finally brag to your friends that, technically, you’re the smartest Warzone player in the squad.

Call of Duty

Why Clayster flipped off CDL on-broadcast during Royal Ravens matchup

Published: 24/Feb/2021 4:13 Updated: 24/Feb/2021 4:14

by Brad Norton


James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks flipped the bird to the Call of Duty League moments before the New York Subliners took on the Royal Ravens. Here’s why the veteran was all too frustrated before his latest matchup.

As players got settled into the lobby for the second week of CDL action in 2021, something clearly ticked off NYSL. There was visible frustration from the players before they kicked off the opening map.

Coming off a difficult 0-3 loss to the Los Angeles Thieves a week prior, the lineup was looking to rebound with a bang. Before they got their boots on the ground, however, a key moment from the previous week was broadcast for the world to see.

The CDL stream revealed Clayster’s heated comms after the disappointing loss. This private matter shouldn’t have been aired at all, according to Clay, let alone moments before their next match.

So, he took out his frustration the only way he could: flipping the bird on-stream.

“I had complained last time about showing my cam when I was super upset with my team,” he explained. “So I was pretty upset with them airing my after-match comms.”

Despite the 0-3 scoreline, NYSL’s series against the LA Thieves was one of the closest all week. The Hardpoint came within nine points, SnD went to a round 11, and Control went the distance as well.

Understandably, Clayster was fairly heated after the extremely close series that very well could have been a 3-0 in their favor.

“That was really bad guys,” he said in the now-public aftermath. “I don’t know what the f*** I watched. That was so stupid. We’re up 5-3 in the Search and we can’t close it out?”

This moment was captured on the broadcast last week but the comms were only just revealed today. Frustrated with the CDL running it without permission, Clayster stuck his middle finger up the next time his camera was on-stream.

“It was basically a nice little screw you before the match,” he said.

“I don’t appreciate that. I’m going to be having a talk with the league. If they’re going to make us sit here, I think it’s a little unprofessional to use the comms in the video. Especially right before we play a match.”

The NYSL vs Royal Ravens series begins at the 1:31:50 mark below.

While the video could have brought the team down, they didn’t let it get to them. NYSL dominated the Royal Ravens to rebound with a lopsided 3-0 win in Week 2.

If the League does try to punish Clayster, it looks like he’ll be alright: the official Subliners account tweeted “we’ll pay his fine” in response to the situation.