Warzone players want one of Apex Legends’ best features added

Warzone players request Apex Legends feature to tackle team splittingActivision

While Call of Duty: Warzone boasts a considerable number of unique features, some players are suggesting that Infinity Ward should take a leaf out of Apex Legends’ book by altering how you drop into Verdansk.

Dropping into the vastness that is Verdansk can be daunting for the best of us. Selecting where to go from a seemingly endless list of locations is hard enough.

But trying to orchestrate your two random teammates to jump to the same location seems damn near impossible — especially considering each person dictates where and when they dive.

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Player dropping into Warzone's map.Activision
Each player is in charge of their descent into Verdansk.

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Warzone’s battle royale counterpart, Apex Legends, avoids this entirely with the in-game squad dive.

Essentially, one member of a team is randomly selected as the ‘Jumpmaster’, to take charge of both the location and team’s skydive path to said location during their descent.

So while players are given the option to break free from the pack, they usually land in the same spot — meaning they’re primed to take on enemies as a team, not individually.

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It is for this reason that one player has requested the same feature to be added in Infinity Ward’s battle royale — and it seems that they are echoing the thoughts on many in the community.

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Reddit user ‘sepltbadwy’ made their case in the Warzone subreddit, where they argued that the team should be guided down to a specific altitude by the designated squad leader, before being allowed to separate in the air.

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While this won’t stop team splitting entirely, it will prevent one member of your squad being in Dam while you’re in Prison (complete opposite ends of the map).

Plenty of Redditors praised the use of Apex Legends’ skydive system in the comments, with one player responding: “I play Apex alot and 90% of the time your teammates drop with you. It works.”

Apex Legends cinematic of Wattson and Bangalore dropping into Kings Canyon.EA
Players following their squad leader in Apex Legends.

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After amassing well over 1k upvotes in less than 24 hours, it appears that plenty of players have been affected by team splitting in Warzone.

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Given the vast nature of the map (and the specific challenges which often govern the location you drop to), this would certainly be a step in the right direction should the developers choose to implement it.

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