Warzone players want one feature from Battlefield 2042 & Halo Infinite

warzone halo grappling hook battlefieldActivision / 343 Industries

Following the E3 reveals for Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite, Call of Duty: Warzone players have reignited a timeless debate: Should Blackout’s Grappling Hook be added to CoD’s current battle royale?

Treyarch’s Black Ops 4 battle royale, Blackout, had a beloved Grappling Hook — which enabled players to reach new levels (quite literally) of mobility. That was scrapped when Infinity Ward released its BR, Warzone, but many miss the speedy item.

The perk of a grappling hook is obvious: you can fly around the map, taking new positions and escaping spicy situations. The downsides are normally just that people think the mechanic brings too much mobility and defies the time period Warzone is meant to be set in.

But, while zippy hook debates quieted down, they have suddenly returned — with a passion. After Battlefield 2042 and Halo Infinite each showcased the item in their E3 presentations, Twitch streamer IceManIsaac called for its addition to Warzone.

While Isaac obviously wants a grappling gun added to Warzone, there is some debate about it. Most notably, some have mentioned that Warzone isn’t supposed to be “futuristic” and that the vertical mobility would unfairly help rooftop snipers.

As Isaac retorts, though, the only ways to counter snipers are by counter-sniping or calling in an airstrike on them. A grappling hook would add an entirely new dimension to balancing the game against campers, as it could give new players new angles to attack perches.

grappling hook blackoutActivision
Look at Black Ops 4’s Grappling Gun. Doesn’t it look ready for a return?

This is echoed by other supporters of the idea, who mention that a grappling hook would help attack annoying sniping spots like the Airport tower. Additionally, many think this could help create a higher skill ceiling in Warzone — nurturing the skill gap.

While it’s unclear how easy it would be for Raven Software to bring Treyarch’s Blackout Grappling Gun onto Infinity Ward’s Warzone engine, there’s definitely potential there. And, although fans seem undecided, there’s a lot of passion (and seemingly good reasons) to do so.