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Call of Duty

Warzone players suggest major perk changes to shake up “stale” meta

Published: 1/Jun/2021 11:01

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone players have called for some major changes to be made to the current crop of perks in a bid to shake up the meta and make others worth using.

When it comes to Warzone’s meta, most players just focus on having the right weapons, with the right attachments, and solid grenades in their loadout. However, you can get deeper into it.

Some perks are pretty useful to have in a loadout, especially stuff like Ghost and Cold Blooded where you can stay off those pesky heartbeat monitors.

However, some players believe that the current meta for perks has become a bit stale and there needs to be a shake-up in order to make other perks worth using, creating more variety in the battle royale.


Perks like EOD are a must in Warzone.

One of the biggest suggestions came from Redditor vol4lyfe123, suggesting that Raven “drastically” rework a few perks and make them a bit more useful in Warzone.

As per their idea, there would be a few perks switching categories – like Quick Fix going into slot three – while things like Hardline and Amped could be done away with.

Perhaps the most intriguing of the bunch surrounds High Alert. In addition to the normal vision pulses, the Redditor suggested that it could be a counter for Dead Silence, so you could hear footsteps at a certain range. Additionally, there’s also an idea to have Battle Hardened make players take less damage from the gas.


I think it’s time we got a proper Perk Rework/Rebalance. from CODWarzone

Others pitched in with their own suggestions, noting that it has become a topic of conversation throughout Warzone and that a change is needed. “The Perk Meta is way too stale right now. Hopefully we can get a perk rebalance soon,” noted one. “Ghost doesn’t need nerfed, other perks need desperate buffs,” said one player. “The concept of changing them should be done,” added another.

The stats back up the idea that the meta has become somewhat stale. As per WZRanked, Double Time, Ghost, and Amped lead the way in their own perk slots but a pretty big margin.


It remains to be seen if Raven would actually want to rework the perks, however. They’ve said they want to make some changes to the arsenal of Modern Warfare weapons next, so maybe its something for further down the line.