Warzone players slam “ridiculous” Gorenko sniper recoil after Vanguard update

Gorenko Sniper Warzone VanguardTreyarch/Activision

Warzone & Vanguard players have already got their hands on the new Gorenko sniper rifle in private matches ahead of the update, and some are concerned the gun’s recoil is too overbearing.

Warzone Pacific & Vanguard Season One is on the cusp of releasing and players are preparing for all the new content that’s set to arrive.

Although there’s a lot of excitement for the new Caldera map and fresh battle pass, as always, a lot of the community is focused on the two new weapons.

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With one of them being the Gorenko anti-tank sniper rifle, players were intrigued whether the hard-hitting weapon could be competitive in the Warzone meta.

Unfortunately, after gaining access to the gun in private matches, the community is concerned with the weapon’s “ridiculous” recoil.

Call of Duty Gorenko SniperTreyarch/Activision
Warzone Pacific goes live on December 8.

Warzone players claim Gorenko’s recoil is “ridiculous”

Although the Season One update hasn’t gone live just yet in Warzone and Vanguard, players are able to access the new weapons ahead of time in private matches.

It wasn’t long before the community started testing the Gorenko to see if the new sniper was going to be viable in Warzone. While the rifle deals a serious amount of damage, players have criticized the weapon’s recoil, calling it out as “ridiculous”.

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As showcased by echinuggi in a clip on the CODVanguard subreddit, multiple shots in a row result in the players firing vertically up in the air, making it almost impossible to control.

While some Warzone & Vanguard players admitted that an anti-tank rifle would probably perform like that in real life, they questioned why the devs wouldn’t alter the recoil for gameplay purposes: “I mean, if you fired a 14.5mm cartridge that fast, you’d probably lose all functionality of your arm, so I guess this would be preferable IRL. It still looks ridiculous, though.”

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Others voiced that they hope the kickback would be fixed in the official patch coming on December 8: “Hope this gets fixed when warzone’s update comes out.”

Either way, it’s clear that the weapon could be useful at long-range in Warzone, but it’s unlikely to be contesting top spots of the Kar98k or Swiss k31.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see whether the devs decide to tweak the recoil or force players to take slow and singular shots with the Gorenko.

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