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Warzone players are furious about Aydan’s “fraud” Quads world record

Published: 8/Mar/2021 6:36 Updated: 8/Mar/2021 6:49

by Brad Norton


Four of the most skilled Warzone players joined into the same lobby on March 5 and set an ‘unbreakable’ world record before all was said and done. This insane 162 kill run has led to a huge wave of criticism online, however, as players lashed out over the true skill rating of the lobby.

When it comes to Warzone world records, there are certain runs that simply look unbeatable. That was the case when Aydan, Almond, Newbz, and ScummN dropped a staggering 162 kills to shatter the Quads record just three days ago.

While they killed practically everyone in the lobby at least once, and certain players multiple times, the run quickly came under fire. Having joined a Bronze-tier lobby, the stacked squad wasn’t exactly facing equal competition.


In fact, it was later confirmed to be a Bronze 1 lobby, the lowest Warzone tier.

This means four of the world’s best players were essentially tearing up a lobby full of the least successful players in the game. As a result, many have questioned the record, even going as far as to label it “complete bullsh**” and ‘fraudulent.’

Aydan and company are complete frauds. from CODWarzone

“Aydan and company are complete frauds,” Reddit user ‘ZouCreww13’ said in a March 7 thread. The lowest KD on the team was Aydan with an average of 4.97 kills per game. In comparison, the average KD throughout the entire lobby was just 0.89.

Despite the impressive pace that led to the new record, many players argue it was too big a mismatch to count. “These records mean nothing when it’s against people like that,” one player responded on Twitter.


“20+ KD overall, no matter how many hours they play, they should never ever get put into such low skilled lobbies,” ‘Omega_Sylo’ chimed in.

For players of that caliber, Diamond-tier lobbies are standard. They’re typically matched up against other ‘competent’ players, making record runs more challenging. This Bronze 1 lobby is exceptionally rare, even for less skilled teams.

It’s clear to see why the run was contentious, though Almxnd soon took to Twitter to respond to the controversy. “The lobby we got was an anomaly,” he confirmed. Of their past 20 matches, Almxnd revealed that 16 of them were in Diamond lobbies.


There’s no telling how they were blessed with that particular lobby. Regardless of your stance, there’s no denying they made the most of the opportunity. It’ll be shocking if a team of four is ever able to trump their 162 run.