Warzone players slam Raven for “ruining” Rebirth Resurgence mode

Shay Robson
Warzone squad gets fastest Rebirth Island win ever without touching ground

Warzone’s recent playlist update has left players slamming the devs for “ruining” Rebirth Resurgence, which has once again been updated to Resurgence Extreme.

With the arrival of the September 30 playlist update, the fan-favorite Resurgence mode was replaced with Resurgence Extreme. With fast-paced gameplay in mind, the updated mode now supports up to 64 players, rather than the usual 40 for Rebirth Island.

Going off the name and player count being raised alone, you can already grasp an idea of how the lobbies are in full anarchy on such a small map.

For most of the regular Resurgence enjoyers, they’re not fond of the playlist update at all.

Warzone Operation Rebirth Island
Since its release, Rebirth Island has become a fan favorite for many Warzone players.

For a lot of Warzone players, the Rebirth Island modes are the only appealing part of the game. While you’d expect players would be happy with an update to the modes, they’re not enthusiastic about the changes.

Posts complaining about the extreme mode have since gained traction on Warzone’s subreddit, with fans hitting at the devs for “ruining Resurgence.”

“I’ve been playing Resurgence exclusively for months now, and now they changed it with this “extreme” mode. It’s practically unplayable,” one player said. “Like seriously Raven, why do you have to keep chopping and changing with the game modes we love, just keep this as a separate mode, I hate it.”

The previous edition of Resurgence Extreme hosted 99 players on the small map, and though this time around it was lowered to 64, another Reddit post highlighted their concerns with it still being too high. “They already tried this sh*t with 100 players on rebirth. It was awful. 64 is fewer but still too many for the map. You cant land anywhere without immediate engagement. In my opinion, it’s f**king stupid,” they said.

While some have praised Raven for keeping things fresh with the updates to modes, the majority are unhappy. Fortunately, the playlist update will roll around and we’ll likely be saying goodbye to Resurgence Extreme soon enough.

As the player count has already been lowered from 99 in the previous version of Resurgence Extreme, maybe, Raven will take the suggestions of lowing the player count once again for the next time we see the mode return.