Warzone players frustrated as another popular mode is removed

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone fans irate once again with playlist decision that removed popular mode

The Warzone community is back to yelling at Raven Software as the team has made some questionable decisions with the playlist rotation, which removed the newly popular Clash mode.

Warzone fans have been very vocal the past three months about their displeasure with the playlists in the battle royale.

Raven even released a full blog post stating what goes into each decision and that they would work to be more transparent.

It seems that has all backfired though, as the removal of Caldera Clash sent the community into a frenzy once again.

Warzone players not happy with playlist rotation 

In a Reddit post by ‘rowdygringo’ the user brings up the new playlist and claims to be sad due to the removal of Caldera Clash.

Other Redditors agreed with one person even saying it has served as a mode that has improved their gameplay. “Clash is a perfect solo adventure for me. Also a good chance to improve my gameplay. Would love to have it back.”

Another person was asking when it was coming back, and at this time it’s unknown as the Trello board hasn’t been updated past March 17, which Clash doesn’t appear on.

People also took their frustration to Twitter. In reply to Raven’s tweet about the new playlist people questioned their choice for one mode.

User ‘Chuckles’ was extremely disappointed to see Vanguard Plunder in the rotation and claimed “nobody on this Earth” wants it. The tweet received loads of replies all agreeing with this saying “amen,” and “no cap.”

While this isn’t Warzone’s first rodeo with upsetting fans over the playlist, it’s the first time in Season 2. So there could be some big changes coming in the near future to keep players happy.

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