Modern Warfare 3 is currently the top Twitch game with 400k viewers & no one knows why

Mw3 popping offActivision / Twitch

Modern Warfare 3 is arguably one of the greatest Call of Duty games in franchise history. Fast forward 11 years from its 2011 release, it’s currently the most-watched game on Twitch with over 400K viewers and no one has any idea why. 

Call of Duty has been known for its annual releases. Although the company plans to stop that, it has been a staple for fans since 2005.

This has brought many iterations of the popular Modern Warfare series. Modern Warfare 2 was loved by many and MW3 got the same love, if not, better, than its predecessor.

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Now, on March 13, 11 years after it was launched, Modern Warfare 3 is smashing Twitch viewership and no one seems to know why.

Why does Modern Warfare 3 have over 400K Twitch viewers?

Fans were shocked to load Twitch on March 13 to find out that Modern Warfare 3 was actually the most-watched game on the platform with over 400K viewers.

Twitch MW3Twitch
Modern Warfare 3 was the most watched game on Twitch on March 13.

As seen in the screenshot, the only category that had more viewers than the FPS was Just Chatting. Now, you are probably wondering why this game, 11 years after its release and with the likes of Warzone out, has this many viewers.

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Turns out that Spanish streamer IlloJuan is hosting a massive throwback tournament. This has the likes of Ibai, TheGrefg, and other popular streamers taking part in the event.

Community reacts to MW3 blowing up on Twitch

Multiple accounts across social media were posting about the game’s milestone on Twitch, including CharlieIntel.

As people congratulated the game on reaching this achievement, CoD fans from around the world were going nuts over the viewer count. One person said, “this is what we love to see.” While another added, “holy s**t, W!”

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Lots of other comments “let’s go” and “POG” surfaced on Twitter. This has now surpassed the current CoD title, Vanguard, which has only peaked at 330K viewers since releasing in November 2021.