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Bizarre Cold War Zombies glitch lets players carry 8 weapons

Published: 17/Aug/2021 13:40

by Alex Garton


A Cold War Zombies Mule Kick bug is giving players the ability to equip eight weapons with the perk, instead of the usual three.

While there have been a series of exciting updates to Cold War Zombies since the game was released, one of the most anticipated additions was the Mule Kick perk.

Introduced back in July, this perk gives players the ability to equip three weapons instead of the usual two.

As any Zombies fans will know, this is a huge advantage heading into the later rounds when you need as many top-tier guns equipped as possible.

Despite this, a strange bug seems to be making the perk a little more powerful than it should be, with players seemingly being able to carry eight different guns around with them.


Call of Duty Zombies
The Mule Kick perk was added in the July 13 Cold War update.

Cold War Mule Kick glitch allows players to carry 8 weapons

A thread posted to the CODZombies subreddit showcasing a Mule Kick bug has garnered over 1,000 upvotes at the time of writing.

After Reddit user SquidKnightXG picked up the perk, it didn’t take them long to realize that they could equip a few more weapons than they were supposed to be able to.

Scrolling through their arsenal of weaponry, it soon became obvious that they were holding a total of eight separate weapons.

While this glitch would be great news for anyone looking to reach a high-round, it’s certainly not how the game intended the perk to function.

New Mulekick update lets you equip 8 weapons! from CODZombies

For now, it’s completely unknown how this glitch even occurred and whether players will be able to exploit it during their matches.


Having eight weapons to hand is certainly better than three, and with the Zombies community always looking to beat their previous record, this is a glitch Treyarch will need to address as quickly as possible.

However, with a string of issues affecting the mode following the Season 5 update, it’s hard to know whether this Mule Kick bug is at the top of the dev’s list.