Warzone players expose devs for “lazy” cosmetic bundles with identical rewards

Brad Norton

Warzone players have lashed out at the developers after spotting a near-identical cosmetic item in two different premium bundles, labeling the copied content as “lazy” work.

With each big update in Call of Duty these days comes a heaping serve of new cosmetic content. From Operator skins and weapon Blueprints to unique items in new Battle Passes, there’s always something for players to drop their time and money into.

Many of the most popular cosmetics come directly from premium bundles, however. These items can rarely be unlocked by conventional means, instead, remaining locked behind a paywall.

Dozens of new goodies are added to the store this way every month but it turns out, not everything on offer is unique. Players have lashed out at Warzone’s developers following the Season 6 update, even calling them “lazy” after noticing an exact copy of an earlier item up for sale again.

“This is just lazy,” one player called out on Reddit with pictures of two shockingly similar watches in Warzone. The first is ‘McClane’s watch,’ a cosmetic reward that became available in Season 3.

Just above it is a picture of the ‘Silver Diver watch,’ an item that was just introduced in Season 6. You’d be forgiven if you thought it was just the same image shared twice.

The cosmetics are almost an exact copy of each other. The straps, the watch face, its features, everything appears to be mirrored. Perhaps the only discernible difference is the flavor text that comes along with each item.

Naturally, plenty were upset upon realizing the same content has been recycled. “You call it lazy, I call it maximum profit with minimum effort,” one player joked.

“Shouldn’t we expect more out of a large company making profit off their sales of cosmetic items?” another chimed in. 

Warzone Silver Diver imageActivision
The Silver Diver watch happens to look slightly different in Cold War, but not Warzone.

Strangely enough, the watches have slightly different looks when taken into Cold War multiplayer instead. There’s no telling if this is just a visual bug or an intended feature at this point in time.

Activision is yet to respond to the controversy either way. We’ll keep you posted here if the watches are given a visual refresh in the near future.