Warzone pro reveals best Rebirth Island loadout perks for high-kill games

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Call of Duty: Warzone pros and streamers have been playing more Rebirth Island recently. And, in turn, tournament-winner LuckyChamu decided to break down why you need different loadout perks for the unique game mode.

Since debuting in Warzone, Rebirth Island has continued to gain more and more love from the community. It already had its diehards from the Blackout Alcatraz days but now streamers are dropping in for the fast-paced violence as well.

Unsurprisingly, Warzone’s best players care about getting lots of kills and figuring out the optimal meta to do so. And LuckyChamu, who has won tournaments like the $100k ROKKR Royale, is no exception.

In a new video, the self-named “Rebirth Reaper” broke down why you need to choose different perks for Rebirth Island than Verdansk. And, likely to Verdansk purists’ surprise, he recommends Quick Fix (and sometimes Tempered) for high-kill games.

The best Rebirth Island loadout perks for slaying out

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The Quick Fix perk isn’t super popular in Verdansk, but it shines on Rebirth Island.

Interestingly, Lucky’s main recommendation for Rebirth Island loadout perks is to use Quick Fix in the blue slot. Instead of opting for Double Time’s mobility or E.O.D.’s toughness, Quick Fix helps you navigate the game’s increased pace of play.

Quick Fix starts health regeneration as soon as you kill an enemy, which can be vital for staying alive when you don’t have time to plate up. Lucky uses it in blue for all of his classes because Rebirth is “really, really fast.”

Why you should use Quick Fix and Tempered in Rebirth Island

While you can watch Lucky’s video for other tips and actual gun suggestions, he also touches on Tempered being a useful perk. Occupying the slot typically given to Amped, Tempered makes it so that you only use two armor plates instead of three.

Like Quick Fix, Tempered helps you save time when healing since you receive 150% of the shielding with each plate than you would without it equipped. 

If you want to get a lot of kills on Rebirth Island, you need to play fast since it’s a smaller map with denser action. Both Quick Fix and Tempered can help save valuable time, keeping you alive while you kill enemies with guns like Lucky’s preferred Kar98k and OTs 9.