Warzone hackers mock Activision with ridiculous TikTok clips before anti-cheat launch

Michael Gwilliam
Tiktok warzone hacks

With Call of Duty Warzone’s anti-cheat RICOCHET not arriving until Vanguard is out, hackers are upping the ante and posting some of the most insane cheat clips we’ve ever seen to TikTok.

Hackers have plagued Warzone since the battle royale’s release, frequently ruining games for streamers, pros and pretty much anyone brave enough to compete with crossplay enabled.

Now, with anti-cheat finally on the horizon and the potential for Activision to finally be on even footing in their battle against the hacker menace, cheaters are pulling out all the stops to show how insane their programs really are.

In a series of TikTok clips, nefarious cheaters are seen abusing wallhacks and aimbots to great effect, killing players throughout the map.

Warzone hackers post TikTok clips

One video, which had been viewed over 70,000 times, shows a cheater using “magnetic bullets” in combination with an aimbot to kill multiple players in mere seconds.

In another, a cheater uses a wallhack and aimbot to mow through squads, but their “gameplay” was roasted in the comments.

“He lucky that aimbot saves him cos he would miss everything literally he can’t even track them with his mouse,” a user blasted him.

“Y’all hackers will be done on the 5th of November good luck,” another chimed in, referencing RICOCHET coming with Vanguard.

It remains to be seen if Activision’s new anti-cheat will successfully turn the tide against cheaters. In October, RICOCHET was leaked and hackers began reversing it in preparation for its implementation.

Whether or not significant damage to RICOCHET was already done is anyone’s guess and we won’t know for sure until the anti-cheat matches up against cheaters in a real setting.

In the meantime, expect more cheaters to keep posting outrageous clips to social media, especially if they feel their time is numbered until RICOCHET arrives.

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