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Warzone players demonstrate why the Swiss K31 has the best sniper scope

Published: 24/May/2021 10:34 Updated: 24/May/2021 10:37

by Alex Garton


A Warzone player has shown why the Swiss K31’s default reticle is the best sniper scope in the game and is perfect for eliminating enemies at long range.

When it comes to snipers in Warzone, the majority of players run a Kar98k or a HDR as their default long-range loadout. These two weapons are widely viewed as the meta guns and are both incredibly effective at taking out opponents from a distance.

Despite this, some of the Warzone community are beginning to warm to the Swiss K31, a sniper rifle added in the Season 3 update. While this gun certainly doesn’t provide as much power as its competitors, its default scope makes it easy to account for bullet drop.


This makes the weapon consistent and effective at long range, especially for players that previously struggled with the standard default reticle.

Swiss K31 sniper
The Swiss K31 sniper was added in the Season 3 update.

Warzone players claim Swiss K31 has the best scope

A thread posted to the Warzone subreddit claiming the Swiss K31 has the best default reticle in the game has garnered over 800 upvotes at the time of writing.

Rxelik_23 demonstrates the power of the reticle in a set of clips, showing how simple it is to land longe range shots with the Season 3 sniper. Compared to the standard scope on the Kar98k, the Swiss 31’s default reticle has a set of extra lines that make it easy to account for bullet drop at long range.


On top of this, Rxelik_23 even takes the time to show where players should placing their scope, depending on the distance of an enemy. This means you can jump into your next Warzone game and immediately start hitting highlight-reel shots with the Swiss K31.

While the Swiss K31’s easy-to-use scope doesn’t make it the best sniper in the game, it’s definitely worth testing to see if you prefer it to the other meta snipers.

Who knows, it could allow you to hit those all-important long-range shots you often miss and even be the difference-maker in a number of intense games in the future.


The only way to find out is to equip the Swiss K31 and take the time to practice with the unique reticle.