Warzone players demand return of old map but it’s not Verdansk or Rebirth

Jessica Filby
Warzone 2 map

Warzone players are calling for the return of a classic yet highly praised map that only lasted in the game for four months before never being seen again.

Sure, maps in Warzone and Modern Warfare II chop and change regularly, with each new game providing new maps and therefore having to remove certain locations. However, sometimes those removals are met with extreme frustration, with many questioning why certain classics weren’t brought back.

This is entirely the case for one classic location that has now left players demanding its return, even going so far as to offer their “condolences” to the creators who worked so hard on a “map that only lasted 4 months.”

Warzone 2 players call for the return of classic map

Posting onto Reddit, one user shared an image of Fortune Keep, offering their “My condolences to the devs who put blood, sweat, and tears into this complex and detailed map that only lasted 4 months…”

The post quickly garnered a considerable amount of support, with thousands of fans sharing their frustrations regarding this missing fan-favorite map and begging to see it appear in Warzone 2, or even for players to just be allowed to experience it one more time.

One user reminisced on their time playing Fortune Keep, stating how it was “arguably the best map they’ve made since Warzone started.”

While others demanded its return, explaining how “it’s a shame this one was available to play for only 4 months. They could easily upload this one on wz1 launcher.”

They were not the only ones thinking this, with many wishing “they would just add it and RI to the resurgence map rotation”, further allowing players to enjoy this short-lived experience.

Sure, it was chaotic, with action around every corner, but few players can deny how popular Fortune Keep really was in Warzone – and who knows, there’s always a chance we’ll see this popular location return once more.