Warzone players debate the best map in season 5

Ashika Island images from Warzone 2Activision

Warzone fans debated their favorite map in season 5 – either Vondel or Ashika?

Warzone 2 Season 5 brought new maps, POIs, weapons, and adjustments to the battle royale. Warzone players debated the best resurgence map between Vondel and Ashika Island, considering all the balance changes that have affected how each map plays.

So, which map did the community prefer? The water-heavy Vondel or Japanese-themed Ashika Island?

“Ashika over Vondel all day”

Reddit user Strange_Meet_6546 posed a question to the Warzone community as he picked Vondel over Ashika: “Am I right?

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Warzone fans debated the original poster’s point immediately. “Ashika over Vondel all day. Unless we’re dropping museum. Let’s go!!” One player added to the debate. “I don’t mind Vondel honestly but Ashika is superior.” But the discussion wasn’t all one-sided.

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byu/Strange_Meet_6545 from discussion

The community conversation also sparked mixed feelings about the water element of the Vondel map, and players’ reliance on the FTAC to camp and get easy underwater kills. “The water aspect in MWII imo is just not that great.

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“Like you said always some mf just chilling with an FTAC. All the water maps are my least favorite” one player complained.

“Too many rats in Vondel, less gun skill involved,” another agreed.

Fort Resurgence joined the map pool with Warzone 2 Season 5, and while not included in this debate, people have still chimed in on its own performance, as streamers like Swagg slammed the map design as “lazy.”

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