How to get inside Ashika Island’s secret bunker in Warzone 2

Waterways POI on Ashika Island in Warzone 2Activision

Warzone 2 players have discovered a “secret” bunker entrance under Ashika Island around Waterways that allows them to grab some of the best loot in the game. 

The start of Warzone 2 Season 2 has finally brought about the smaller, fast-paced Resurgence map that a lot of fans have been waiting for since the battle royale first launched.

Plenty of players have already been getting to grips with Ashika Island, and reviews have been pretty positive in the early going as fans have already been picking their favorite landing spots. 

Even though it’s a Resurgence map, you don’t have to rush in with a hot drop. You can play it slightly slower, pick up some nice loot, and then pick your spots. And, well, that’s where a “secret” bunker comes into play. 

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How to access secret bunker on Ashika Island

That’s right, if you think you’ve seen everything that Ashika Island has to offer, you may need to think again following Redditor Papa_Geo’s discovery. 

The Warzone fan noted that there is a “secret underwater bunker” hidden under the Tsuki Castle POI, also known as Waterways, that players can access with a little trick. 

You simply have to jump into the water near the locked bunker door and look for two underwater pipes. Swim through one of the pipes and you’ll surface near some platforms. You’ve then just got to make the three jumps in a row, and you’ll be able to bust through the wall and enter the locked bunker.

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Once you jump inside the bunker, there are a number of red weapon crates, weapon lockers, and a special blue crate that will drop some pretty nice loot for you to use – including killstreaks.

You can even open the locked bunker door from the inside, meaning you don’t have to risk going back underwater with all that loot you’ve just collected. 

So, make sure you give it a try, because it won’t be a secret for much longer.