All Warzone 2 Vondel secret loot containers: Locations & how to unlock

Jacob Hale
secret loot container in Warzone 2 vondel

Vondel is quickly becoming a fan-favorite map in Warzone 2, as players look for some more fast-paced action away from Al Mazrah. But if you’re looking for the best start possible when you land, you might want to head for a secret loot container to get premium weapons and equipment.

In many Warzone maps since the original game first launched in 2020, the devs occasionally add in locations for top-tier loot, but naturally, they become high-stakes when players start attempting to drop there en-masse.

But half the battle is knowing where these locations are, and how you keep running into players that have gold-tier loot so early in the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about Vondel’s secret loot containers.

Vondel loot container locations

Here are all of the locations for the Vondel loot containers, including marks on the map to help you easily find them as you’re flying in:

  • University
  • Fire Station
  • Central Station
  • Cruise Terminal
  • Windmill
  • Mall
vondel loot container locations
All possible secret loot container locations in Vondel

The issue is — they don’t spawn in the same spots every time, so you’ll have to manually check each place to see where the loot container has ended up, adding some luck to the draw. Not only that, but you then also have to unlock the containers.

Unlock Vondel loot containers

After finding the loot container, you will have to shoot five different security sensors positioned near the container. There are usually four outside the main location and one inside.

All security sensors emit a loud tone when in close proximity, but keep in mind that the security sensors’ progress is also shared across the entire lobby, so other players will know how you’re progressing.

What is in them?

After destroying the five sensors, the loot container will open and reveal its hidden treasures. This includes four weapon blueprints, a UAV, and two Field Upgrades (Ammo and Armor boxes), making it perfect for any squad size, from solos to quads.

So, be sure to go searching for these loot containers when you drop in for a good chance at some premium loot. If you’re in a squad, it might even be worth splitting up a little so as to easier find the containers.