Swagg slams Warzone’s Fort Resurgence map as players fume at “lazy” design

Jacob Hale
Swagg on Fort Resurgence map with Warzone logo in top left corner

Warzone’s new Resurgence map, Al Bagra Fortress, has already faced its fair share of complaints and ridicule from the Call of Duty community, and even Swagg has spoken out about his lack of care for it.

On Wednesday, September 6, Raven Software officially launched the new Fort Resurgence map in Warzone, adding it in alongside Ashika Island and Vondel as small resurgence maps in the game.

After players grew frustrated with the lack of communication around when the new map was coming, finally labeling it “the worst resurgence map in COD history” and just “lazy” when it did, Swagg didn’t hide his frustrations either.

After initially tweeting at Raven Software saying that it’s “kinda embarrassing” at their lack of communication, he then followed up after the map went live simply saying “surely that’s not the new map right?”

He then went on to post a video of fellow streamer Tyler1, captioning it “My reaction to the ‘new’ map.”

In it, Tyler asks how something even made it to the live servers, or how the developers thought it was okay to put in the game.

It’s fair to say that the reception to the new map hasn’t exactly been warm, with players incredibly frustrated that it’s just a zoomed-in portion of the regular Al Mazrah map, rather than trying to adapt it into its own full-scale resurgence map on its own accord.

It remains to be seen whether developers Raven Software take the criticism on board and make any major changes to Al Bagra Fortress now, but with the launch of Modern Warfare 3 and a brand new Warzone experience fast approaching, they might simply choose to let it slide until then.

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