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Warzone players come up with perfect plan to bring Red Doors to Caldera

Published: 16/Jan/2022 0:16

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone first introduced Red Doors on Verdansk but since the move to the Pacific, they seem to be gone with the wind, until now. Players have devised a perfect plan that will bring the loot-filled doors to Caldera.

First introduced in Season 4 of Black Ops Cold War and modified in Season 5, Red Doors were added as a fast travel system to the game.

These doors had low spawn rates and gave players access to extremely rare loot. But, with the Pacific update, these doors have seemed forgotten about.

A once loved system by the community, completely abandoned in the new update, but fans don’t want it to completely die out and created a plan for Red Doors to make a return.


Warzone fans have perfect idea for Red Doors in Pacific 

A Redditor ‘Share-Puzzled’ posted an idea to the Warzone community that would bring Red Doors to the Pacific island.

Imagine red doors 🚪 in Caldera but take you back to Verdansk from CODWarzone

While their idea wanted Red Doors to take players back to Verdansk to play, another fan had a different idea.

“It could teleport you to just a single loot building or room and when you look outside it’s somewhere in Verdansk. Then after a while, you’ll teleport back to Caldera like from a Pack-a-Punch room.”

Warzone red doors
Warzone players aren’t opposed to seeing Red Doors return.

Another person added on “it could be restricted areas of Verdansk like part of prison or anywhere that gives you the same loot as before then teleport you back.”


Warzone fans have entertained the idea, while unlikely, to return to Verdansk. While this feature wouldn’t let players compete on the old map, it would still allow them to remember where they started from. Plus it could be a great way to bring a Verdansk Warzone feature into Caldera.