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Warzone players claim Vanguard is just “$60 DLC” to unlock weapons faster

Published: 15/Jan/2022 22:56

by Jaret Kappelman


With Warzone growing in popularity over the normal Call of Duty Multiplayers, fans are calling Vanguard just a DLC to unlock guns faster.

Vanguard was integrated into Warzone with the Pacific update on December 8. This gave players access to over 40 weapons, a World War II-themed map, and vehicles.

While Warzone is a free game for all players, there are some benefits to owning Vanguard. For instance, you can access the Vanguard Royale mode. But, mostly Warzone players think Vanguard is an easy way to level up weapons and save the grind.

call of duty warzone pacific tier 100 skin
Warzone players claim Vanguard is just DLC.

Warzone players claim Vanguard only good to level up weapons

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone players have had their complaints about the game and how the two work with one another.


A Reddit post by ‘zxrax’ has caught some traction in the community as players think that Vanguard is just a “$60 DLC” for Warzone.

Can we talk about how Vanguard is just a $60 DLC that allows you to bypass (literal) hours of grinding to unlock weapons and attachments for Warzone? from CODWarzone

This comes after much complaining from Warzone players about leveling up weapons in the battle royale. Players that own Vanguard can play for less time and get anywhere from 20-30 more levels than from Warzone.

Players also find it difficult to level up the battle pass and earn some of the free weapons by only playing Warzone. “Expecting to unlock it [battle pass weapons] without multiplayer or the battle pass is just kind of silly.”

Another Redditor thinks there are just too many differences between Warzone and Vanguard when unlocking items. “The issue is some of the challenges are almost impossible in Warzone. For instance, you NEVER would have gotten the Bruen unlocked in Warzone with the smoke challenge.”


If players have Vanguard then it would be quicker to unlock all the weapons and level it up for attachments. Players want a better connection between Warzone and the current CoD so it’s the same time for each game to unlock all it entails.