Warzone players call for popular Apex Legends feature to be added

Activision / Respawn Entertainment

Call of Duty: Warzone players are requesting Infinity Ward add a popular feature similar to one in Apex Legends to enhance their battle royale experience in Verdansk.

While Warzone is one of the hottest games available right now, with millions of players migrating to it, that doesn’t mean the battle royale title is perfect.

As the genre has grown so much over recent years, they’ve all managed to build off the success of their rivals, including the use of different features that have worked in others.

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Verdansk definitely has the size and capacity to facilitate something like this.

We saw Fortnite introduce the reboot van and a ‘ping’ system to further improve their game, building off of similar features that were so popular in Apex Legends after that launched.

Now, fans are calling for another Apex Legends feature to come to Warzone, and it definitely seems an interesting one.

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For anyone that’s played Apex Legends, you will know that on the World’s Edge map, a train traverses across the entire island, full of loot and making for a useful tool to get from one spot to the next relatively safely.

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That’s exactly what some Warzone players are requesting now, with the idea first fielded by Thisisopposite on Reddit.

They want a train that scales the entire map, with random loot on it, saying that it could be “really interesting to ride the train with your team” and “fight other squads” on your way around.

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This definitely would be an interesting addition to Warzone, and it’s entirely plausible, too. As a major city, a fully-fledged train – or other public transport – system could easily fit aesthetically into the map and not distract players from the overall game, much like how it works in Apex Legends.

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Whether this is something Infinity Ward would actually want to do, though, is another question. There’s no doubt they could do it and make it work, but with so many options for movement on the map already, it might not be a feature they’re interested in for now.

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