Warzone players blame decreasing player count on insane skill gap

Ryan Lemay
Warzone Pacific logo next to Season 4 helicoptersActivision

There are no player count statistics for Warzone, but some players claim that the game is declining in popularity. These players believe that Warzone’s steep skill gap is driving players away.

Warzone is over two years old, and some players have been playing since day one. Older games are harder to break into and find immediate success. Take, for example, Fortnite and Overwatch.

Both games built massive fan bases and have been around for a long time. It can be intimidating for new players wanting to try these games for the first time.

Warzone players bashed the battle royale for its “ridiculous” weapon unlock grind.

Unlocking weapons and weapon attachments take hours, making Warzone less accessible. The Warzone community’s latest criticism targets Warzone’s skill gap issue.

Warzone players criticize “crazy” player skill level

Reddit user swat7334 created a thread and said, “I had recently watched some high kill games from streamers posted a few years ago when Warzone was new, and the skill level is completely different.”

One user claimed that the skill gap in Warzone is minimal. They stated, “People think the skill level of players is high; no, the gap between good and bad players is so small that it seems like everyone is good.”

In video games, the term skill gap is commonly used to explain the gap between good and bad players.

The game is complicated and takes time to learn if the gap is significant. A small skill gap allows anyone to pick up the game and be good enough.

Another user argued, “end of a game’s life cycle, all that is left are the die-hard players. It happens with every shooter, and I would say with any game. Which side of the coin do you land?