Warzone players bash “ridiculous” new weapon unlock grind for Vanguard

Ryan Lemay
JGOD's H4 Blixen loadout

70 levels to unlock all of the Vanguard weapon attachments is a lot of playtime per weapon — and for some Warzone players that is not an attainable goal. 

Call of Duty: Vanguard has 38 primary weapons. It takes an average of six hours to fully max out one weapon with all of its attachments. Under that assumption, to reach level 70 on all weapons it will take approximately 228 hours or nine and a half days of gameplay.

There may be faster ways to unlock weapon attachments, but for casual players, 228 hours of gameplay just grinding weapon attachments is a tall order. In Call of Duty: Cold War the max primary weapon was 31.

Warzone fans are fed up with falling behind other players or being held back from utilizing every Vanguard gun to its max potential. This especially rings true for the recently added Marco 5 and H4 Blixen. 

Warzone players slam “ridiculous” weapon grind

Marco 5 in Vanguard
Unlocking the Marco 5 in Warzone doesn’t take very long.

Reddit user tcarnie made a Reddit thread and said, “I play a fair amount and have had the game since day one, but I have not had enough time to level the Blixen or the new SMG.”

One user commented “meta shifts too often for casual to keep up. Everyone doesn’t have hours a day to grind unlock challenges and level guns to 70.” The comment received 395 upvotes.

Another user recommended a solution and said, “the solution I have offered in other threads is to bring back weapon prestige and offered very desirable weapon camos or blueprints to unlock by reaching a new prestige. That way, those who want to grind out weapon level for cool gear are more than welcome to, but the level one to max level grind is shorter and more attainable to the casual player.”

This solution would offer both casual and hardcore players a more reasonable method of grinding and enjoying the game.

Fortunately for Warzone players that feel left behind, Warzone 2 wipes the slate clean and will be a “separate experience” from the original Warzone.

However, there has been no confirmation on the unlock system for Modern Warfare 2. We will provide an update on how much of a grind players will have to undertake when it is confirmed.