How to unlock the exclusive new Overwatch Mercy Knight skin

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The latest Mercy skin in Overwatch was officially revealed during the OWL Midseason Madness event. Here’s everything you need to know to unlock it for yourself.

With eight skins in the works for the 2022 Overwatch League season, it makes sense for each major tournament to have its own limited-time cosmetic up for grabs.

With Midseason Madness event underway in Hawaii, it was obvious the next cosmetic would be right around the corner. Before it was officially announced, early advertisements let slip a knight-themed skin for Mercy.

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Now that the skin has been fully revealed, here’s a look at the skin, and how you can unlock it for yourself.

Overwatch League Mercy skinReddit: u/Marsannah
Our first look at the knight-themed Mercy skin was spotted in an early advertisement.

The new Knight Mercy cosmetic is the exclusive reward throughout Midseason Madness. Her staff has been turned into a lance, and her Cadecus pistol also has medieval livery as well.

This skin gives Mercy a set of metal armor with some red flair throughout. Defeating the purpose of the protective suit, however, her helmet remains up during battle.

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The Knight skin is a must-have for Mercy mains.

How to unlock Mercy’s exclusive Knight OWL skin

This limited-time skin went live on July 19, and will be available for one month until August 19.

Like all other league skins, it’s purchased with OWL tokens, costing 200 Tokens just like every other exclusive cosmetic has.

Be sure to grab Knight Mercy before the August 19 deadline though, since once that date rolls around it will not be available ever again.

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