Warzone players are convinced new anti-cheat measure reduces damage

Warzone gameplayActivision

A secret new anti-cheat measure has allegedly been rolled out in Warzone, one that appears to drastically nerf damage for players with notably sharp aim.

Warzone’s anti-cheat system, RICOCHET, may have just received a huge upgrade. Although hackers have still been running rampant in the CoD BR, despite Activision’s best efforts, a new change seems to have been implemented under the surface to help the situation.

A new adjustment spotted by a particular cheating group appears to reduce damage output for specific accounts. Anyone with silent aim or wallhacks could have their profiles impacted by this tweak fairly soon, players claimed.

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Regardless of your weapons or equipment, damage is “reduced by a lot. It makes it very hard to kill people,” one cheat provider explained.

Warzone gameplayActivision
Players with “super accuracy” could all be hit by this new anti-cheat system.

New anti-cheat measure in Warzone

Rather than outright blocking cheaters from Warzone, this new method could directly give normal players the upper hand over hackers. With their weapons dealing less damage, it could lead to free kills across a wide range of lobbies.

Better yet, accounts remain with this damage reduction for quite some time. “The flag persists even when you aren’t using cheats,” the cheat provider said.

“I suspect it goes away on its own once your accuracy becomes human-like again for a while. Or maybe it’s permanent and this is just Activision’s way of trolling us. We don’t know.”

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Naturally, Warzone cheaters are already trying to work around the new system upgrade. Additional settings are now in development for this particular group of accounts, intending to provide an “accuracy slider” to try and avoid detection.

Playing with a lower accuracy setting would still apply an aimbot feature, but it may not be as obvious as the higher accuracy option. At least, that’s their hope on paper.

Warzone cheater discord messageReddit: u/Explore4Fun
An announcement was shared among Warzone cheaters on Discord to address the new change.

Furthermore, this new anti-cheat measure could impact Warzone across the board. Not only can it detect those using malicious software to hack, but it could even nerf those with powerful controller hacks too.

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“To be clear, this will be affecting all aimbot cheats,” the group added. “Internal cheats, external cheats, even controller scripts, and Cronus. If your accuracy is too good to be human, then you will be flagged.”

Warzone players concerned by new anti-cheat system

While this appears to be a positive step forward in tackling Warzone’s cheater crisis, it’s also raised more than a few eyebrows. With Activision’s history of silently changing features in the backend, some with game-changing implications, many grew suspicious of this discovery. 

“The fact there is a system that can do such a thing and reduce damage per bullet is actually a scary observation,” one player chimed in on Reddit.

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The main cause for concern is just how accurate the system is at detecting cheaters. After all, could it not hinder Warzone’s top talent by mistake?

“Confirming that something like that is implemented in the game makes me really wonder if that only applies to real cheaters.”

Given the nature of the system, there may be no telling if accurate players suddenly deal less damage. With the potential for minor adjustments in the background, it might not be all too noticeable at first. But now, there’s a real chance you’re dealing less damage in Warzone simply due to your accuracy.

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