Warzone pros claim low K/D accounts get “absurd” accuracy buffs

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Call of Duty: Warzone pros have been getting shadow banned left and right recently. After turning to new accounts to keep playing, they now think low-K/D accounts get extra aiming help from the game.

“Bullet reg” or “hit reg” is a popular term in the first-person shooter community, meaning “bullet/hit registration.” Players often question games’ bullet reg when it feels like shots that should be hitting enemies don’t seem to actually register as striking them in the game.

While bullet reg can often be subject to internet connectivity issues, Warzone streamers now suspect something fishy is going on. After being forced to play on lower-K/D accounts due to shadow bans, they feel that their bullet reg is improved.

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It’s hard to know if this is a placebo effect or real, but many are wondering if the game is artificially helping lower-skilled players. As such, “skill-based gunfights” are becoming a talking point.

Warzone pro claims low-K/D players get buffed accuracy

As Flxnked tweeted out, they tested their aim on a 0.3 K/D account and found “an ABSURD difference in bullet reg.” This sentiment was corroborated by recent tournament-winner zSmit, who said he was “7-bulleting people with an MP-40 on a 0.7 alt.”

Additionally, a top-earning Warzone pro Fifakill noted that a lot of players are having the same experience. They swap onto new accounts after shadow bans and feel like their shots are hitting more often than normal.

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Casual-leaning players also agreed, with one saying that “skill-based gunfights are a thing.” Another claimed that “playing on a new account feels like having aimbot.”

While it’s impossible to know exactly what’s going on, the suspicion is intriguing. Warzone has been accused of manipulating lobbies and SBMM to promote microtransactions and help lower-tier players in the past.

Improving bullet reg for lower-K/D players would be an obvious, easy way to help them enjoy a mechanically difficult game.

It’s true that Flxnked’s Gulag clip has impressive bullet reg, but maybe that’s a coincidence. Regardless of whether you believe it or not, we can be sure to see more players test the theory out now that the concern has been raised.

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